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myLinkCloud is a free and ad-free bookmarking service, which allows you to create your personal gateway to the internet by combining all your favorite links on so-called clouds. It is also a beautiful iGoogle alternative or as a cool teacher - student coolaboration tool!
Rather than using text, your links are shown as logos or pictures of choice. These logos can freely be re-sized and located within your cloud. Besides, users are also free to choose the cloud's background.

in progress...

myLinkCloud is available in 7 different languages, in German, for example .
Another important advantage is that using myLinkCloud allows you to access your links from any web-enabled device in the world. Moreover, you are able to share your clouds with colleagues or friends.
Thus, myLinkCloud saves you plenty of time while surfing the internet. myLinkCloud is anonymous, ad-free, rub-free, FREE of charge and fun to use!

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